Monthly Archives: July 2014

Internet Explorer Exploits Reach New High in 2014

We are more than half way through 2014, and Microsoft's browser has already managed to hit a new high in the amount of reported vulnerabilities. If we look at other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, IE is reporting more than twice the amount of security vulnerabilities, and security is the number one reason people...

Why All Businesses Should be Wary of Losing Net Neutrality

Pretty much everyone has stated their opinion on net neutrality, from the most basic internet user to big companies with hundreds or thousands of users, it is something that could affect us all at some point. Even though most of the commentary on the subject has only come from non-tech businesses, companies should realize that...

5 Lessons from Companies with Phenomenal Security Practices

The majority of companies do not make security as much of a priority as they should. They don‘t keep on top of known security exploits, nor do they make their passwords complex or diverse enough. It’s no wonder hackers find most companies to be easy targets, so here are 5 lessons we can learn from...

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