Monthly Archives: October 2016

How to Best Manage Automatic Updates in Windows 10

Finding it difficult to manage the updates in Windows 10? Fret not because we found the best possible ways to deal with them. Although Microsoft did make updates a lot easier to deal with, we still prefer controlling it as much as we can. So here’s what we found out you can do. For Windows 10 Pro: Fortunately...

The Best VoIP Phone Services for 2016 According to PC Magazine

Are you tired of getting business phone service from traditional phone providers? Their business phone plans are often expensive, sometimes too expensive for small businesses. Their technology is old, they're lacking in features and boy, some of them even have horrible customer service. If you are thinking about alternatives, Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology is being...

How You Can Use HIPAA Compliance to Prevent Cybersecurity Attacks

It is estimated that there are almost 4,000 attacks occurring each day and an increasingly large number of them are targeted at the healthcare industry. Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center suffered one of the costliest attacks and had to pay hackers to regain control of its systems. With the number of attacks on the industry rising, the...

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