Monthly Archives: May 2017

Don’t build fences only after losing your cows.

The global ransomware - dubbed WannaCry - that first surfaced last Friday (May 12) has hit as far as Asia. WannaCry hobbled big institutions and businesses over the weekend, including FedEx and Britain's National Health Service, also indiscriminately caught many victims across Asia, from hoteliers to Chinese students. While the true extent of the damage caused so...

WannaCry action and prevention – Here’s what you must do right now.

Background On 12th May 2017, there was a global wide-spread infection of a ransomware known as "WannaCry" aka. WanaCrypt0r. This ransomware has the capability to spread over the network by scanning for vulnerable systems, and infecting them. It then encrypts files on the system, and extorts a ransom payment in bitcoin for the decryption of files The...

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