Monthly Archives: October 2017


Dentistry has moved on from its dark past of treating a generation raised with poor oral health. However, surveys show that half of us still have the fear of visiting a dentist with 12 per cent reporting extreme anxiety. To calm your nerves, this article isn’t about having your teeth drilled and pulled. Have no fear, the...

Welcome To The Healthcare Revolution

We make decisions every single day over the course of our lives – some appear to be as insignificant as the clothes we choose to wear. Other choices such as the career paths we choose can have life changing consequences. But there is one crucial decision that we don’t get to make and that’s the choice...

The Future of Healthcare

The future of healthcare Technology’s been creeping up in every industry and becoming increasingly relevant in healthcare. With technology, healthcare providers have the ability to tackle challenges that have been plaguing the industry for years. With the help of telemedicine, providers are able to provide safe, accessible, cost-effective, and convenient health care domestically and globally. The application...

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