Monthly Archives: November 2017

$3 – what your logins are worth

Security analysts found dark web marketplaces selling employee credentials that can access corporate remote desktop protocol (RDP) servers for as little as $3. This sheds light into a prominent marketplace called Ultimate Anonymity Services (UAS), which has been found selling RDPs stolen from organizations in industries such as healthcare, education, and government. One online shop, UAS...

Digestible sensors and digital contact lenses, what’s next?

1) Augmented Reality The digital contact lens patented by Google aims to change the course of diabetes management by measuring blood glucose levels from tears. Microsoft Hololens aims to change the way we look at the world by projecting digital information onto what we see. A clinic in Germany started...

Goodbye doctor. Hello AI

Across the globe, healthcare professionals are always overworked with most of their time spent on administrative tasks. Fatigue causes human errors and you might had the luck, or not, to come across a medical professional who gave you the wrong diagnosis or medication. Artificial intelligence aims to relieve the burden of admin work and aid in...

5 Ways Telemedicine Will Make your Life Better

If you’ve never heard of telemedicine before, you’re going to hear it a lot soon. Telemedicine is a new style of healthcare that allows you to bring your doctor with you wherever you go – in a form of a mobile device of course. Telemedicine allows you to speak with your physician through a tele/video call...

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