Saves Us Money

As the Operations Manager [reporting directly to the CEO], I only choose vendors that can increase our operational efficiency and have our best interest at heart. AgilisIT is more of our IT partner than just a vendor because they believe in saving us money as much as we do.

They're a godsend!

AgilisIT is a godsend! They tapped into a vast network of contacts to locate a seasoned VBA programmer who could help with the upgrade of our Access database to the latest Microsoft technology.

Exceptional Quality and Proficiency

AgilisIT stands out because the quality and proficiency of their consultants far exceeded what you can expect from the larger consulting firms. They work hard on behalf and always provide knowledgeable consultants ready to meet whatever IT needs we have and then deliver beyond expectations.

Timely and Right On

Their responsiveness is very timely and their solutions always address the problem.

Their service is the most responsive of any other IT firms we’ve worked with and they really practice cost-effective IT Management, not just preach about it. They made my job easier.

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