Engineer of AgilisIT Talks About New Collection of Photography with Times of San Diego

Jack Fusco, AgilisIT’s IT specialist, was recently interviewed by Times of San Diego for his new stunning collection of time-lapse photography highlighting the natural wonders of San Diego.

Aside from being an essential part of the AgilisIT’s trusted IT team, Jack is an accomplished photographer known for his nightscapes and time-lapse photos. His previous works were featured in various galleries, magazines, websites, articles and calendars.

In an article published last January 12 by independent news website Times of San Diego, Jack talked about his love of photography and his new collection of time-lapse photography “Wonder Endlessly,” which was posted on Vimeo. The three-minute long “Wonder Endlessly” featured photos of San Diego’s alluring natural landscape.

A self-thought photographer, Jack told Times of San Diego how he feels towards his hobby. He described the feeling of photographing the night sky as “pretty amazing” and added:

“Those are the types of things that really don’t become any less exciting regardless of how many times you see them. I’m very thankful to being able to capture some of that and share it with people.”

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