Founder of AgilisIT Talked about Information Security Issues before Escondido Chamber of Commerce

Escondido, CA September 16, 2009 — Joyce Tang, founder and Chief Executive of agilisIT, was invited to speak at an information technology security seminar hosted by Escondido Chamber of Commerce.

The conference, Protect Your Business: “Shield against identity fraud, safeguard client data, and institute safe information storage procedures”, was held on September 16, 2009.

Escondido Chamber of Commerce, located in Escondido, CA has been helping local businesses work together to strengthen Escondido’s economy.

Ms. Tang was invited by the Chamber to speak about information technology security concerns for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

Security threats directed at SMBs have been rising for the past few years. Verizon’s recent Data Breach Investigations report revealed that 71% of IT security breaches that they have investigated involved small businesses that have less than a hundred employees.

The US Small Business Administration (SBA) mentioned in an article posted on their website that cyber criminals usually aim steal an SMB’s identity so that it can get credit under the business’ name, which may severely affect the SMB’s credit standing and hinder it from securing further credit (

But despite increasing cyber security attacks towards small businesses, Software Advice revealed in an October 2014 report (SMBs and Cybercrime Preparedness Industry View) that about 64% of small business owners are not armed with security plans to prevent cyber threats.

Known for its specialization on IT consulting and services for biotechnology and healthcare organizations, agilisIT also provides a host of security solutions for small business enterprises, including installation, maintenance, and management of security devices and networks. To know more about agilisIT’s IT security solutions, go to

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