“Addition By Subtraction” – Reachify CEO Zeel Jadia Talks About Being Agile and Leveraging Thoughtful Product Design to Gain An Edge on Unified Communications Industry Juggernauts

Combining his experience as the former CTO (now CEO) of unified communication startup Reachify and the technical founder of his own startup, Zeel offers a unique perspective on combining product engineering expertise and business acumen.

He also shares with us:

  • How the unified communications industry is being re-envisioned, and how to differentiate in the healthcare and wellness space
  • How to reach the huge SMB segment on a startup’s budget. Hint: channels
  • Build first then sell vs. sell first then build?
  • How product design is a form of marketing – a smart one at that
  • When to listen and when not to listen…. when it comes to customer feedback
  • Adjusting go-to-market strategy to hit a sweet(er) spot
  • The “addition by subtraction” philosophy
  • The pros and cons of sales cycle in SMB vs enterprise sales
  • The 2 “power-up’s” he’s debating between – Bending space-time continuum or cloning?

To get more nuggets of wisdom, listen to the full podcast.

Visit them at: reachify.com

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