Family Proud CEO and Veteran Entrepreneur Jaden Risner Talks About His Commitment to Build A Patient Support Platform After His Mom, Dad and Co-founder’s Cancer Diagnoses.

1 out of 3 donations on GoFundMe is for medical donation, so there’s no doubt people want to and are helping each other when a health crisis occurs. Family Proud is set out to do more than that for families.

In this podcast, Jaden also shares with us:

  • How he leads a team of passionate supporters who are all pitching in to help launch the platform. That’s leadership!
  • (This is so smart!) How he leverages graduate computer science students at a prestigious university to help built his minimally viable product (MVP) for free.
  • What’s so unique about Family Proud that hospitals choose it over other options
  • His tips on selling into hospitals (we all know it’s challenging!) and how he deals with “cold shoulders” from potential customers.
  • What improvement he has made upon listening carefully to customer feedback
  • And how to figure out good vs bad advice/input

Family Proud Founders

To get more nuggets of wisdom, listen to the full podcast.

Visit them at:

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