P2B Investor Founder Krista Morgan Talks About How She Built A Business That Helps Other Businesses Succeed

Krista’s company P2B Investor is not a healthcare startup, but as a Colorado-based fintech startup, her company helps provide capital to fuel the growth of other businesses, including a handful of wellness companies. So I’m very excited to talk to her.

In this interview, she also talks about:

  • How she leverages her outsider thinking, surrounds herself with industry experts and achieve success
  • How she used technology to gain a competitive advantage
  • What setbacks she experienced and how she bounced back higher
  • Their big break
  • And if business is a video game, what kind of “power-up” she’ll pick to supercharge herself as a founder & CEO

To get more nuggets of wisdom, listen to the full podcast.

Visit them at: https://www.p2bi.com/

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