Purewick CEO Dr. Camille Newton Talks About Her Roller Coaster Ride From Rejections to Successful Exit (And Everything In Between)

  • What challenges she had in getting Purewick into hospitals and significantly reducing urinary tract infections even though it’s meeting many of their needs
  • …and how she overcame that
  • The good, the bad and ugly advices that she has gotten
  • Her no-nonsense fund raising tips for other founders that allowed her to raise $400,000 in 2 weeks
  • How being hydrated helped her make a very special and embarrassing demo which has gotten 20,000 views on YouTube
  • The rollercoaster ride from trying to unsuccessfully recruit 3 CEOs to taking on the CEO role herself and bringing Purewick into 800 hospitals
  • The 3 things she’ll do differently if she launches another startup

To get more nuggets of wisdom, listen to the full podcast.

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