WellBrain CEO Sumeet Maniar Leverages Lessons-Learned From Previous Startups to Build Chronic Pain Management Platform

Besides talking about his journey building the digital health chronic pain management company WellBrain, the serial entrepreneur/CEO Sumeet also shares the following gems:

  • How they infuse concepts used in the gaming industry into this mindfulness platform
  • How the platform leverages the human psychology of aversion to loss
  • How they intelligently evolve from a point solution to a platform, making it more attractive and building a moat around it at the same time
  • How they benefit from Congress and CDC mandates
  • Participating in MIT Solve and being 1 of 50 companies (out of 1300) that presented to the WHO and foreign government leaders at the UN regarding the opioid epidemic and available solutions.
  • His tips on how to deal with long sales cycles and stretch his marketing dollars
  • Their hybrid approach to pay for certain tradeshows and speak at others (in exchange for a free booth) to gain exposure and build trust
  • His fundraising advice to 1st time founders
  • The importance of your personal brand
  • How his 2-books-a-month reading commitment empowers him
  • Book recommendation: The Lean Startup
  • “Validate with Your Customer”!

To get more nuggets of wisdom, listen to the full podcast.

Visit them at: http://www.wellbrain.io

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