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Malware no longer avoiding virtual machines

In the past, malicious programs would beat a hasty retreat when a virtual machine was detected, this was in order to avoid having to go through a security check. Unfortunately that seems to be all in the past, according to Symantec's research. Since virtual machines are beginning to become more widespread in enterprise environments, hackers have...

Internet Explorer Exploits Reach New High in 2014

We are more than half way through 2014, and Microsoft's browser has already managed to hit a new high in the amount of reported vulnerabilities. If we look at other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, IE is reporting more than twice the amount of security vulnerabilities, and security is the number one reason people...

Microsoft Rushes Patch for Zero-day Exploit: Includes XP

Five days after a critical Windows vulnerability was announced, Microsoft has issued a patch for the Exploit, which is said to effect all versions of Internet Explorer. Hackers are already taking advantage of this security flaw, so the patch was rushed by Microsoft in order to protect users. It was also clear how severe the...

Threats and Defenses in the World of Mobile Applications – Part 2

A mobile attack can be done through a device or through the network. A device-based attack is simple and straightforward. For instance, when a laptop is stolen, an attacker can access the system and pull data from it. The presence of unencrypted credentials and sensitive data stored in the cache are the most common targets...


Threats and Defenses in the World of Mobile Applications – Part 1

A few years ago, running a competitive business in this economy meant having online presence aside from a traditional brick and mortar store. Later on, it shifted to providing customers with an interactive and engaging experience. These days, however, it’s all about mobile applications on smartphones and tablets. There are risks and rewards that come with...

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